Our past.

A special thank you to Marie Davidson. Marie was our lab manager and administrative director for 14 years. Marie and I first met just a couple of months after I started as an Assistant Professor in November of 2003. For most of our history we were also doing wet lab experiments in addition to mathematical and computational modeling. Running a wet lab takes a tremendous amount of work and coordination. It is safe to say that none of us, the students or myself, would have survived without Marie. And I will forever be grateful for her professionalism, commitment, and friendship. While she will be tremendously missed by all of us, we wish her nothing but the very best in her 'semi-retirement' and entrepreneurial pursuits. G.S.

Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellows

Francesca Puppo, PhD, Postdoc 2016-2018
BioCircuits Institute and Center for Engineered Natural Intelligence

Massoud L. Khraiche, MS, PhD, Postdoc 2009-2013
Department of Bioengineering

Jianxia Cui, MS, PhD, Postdoc 2009-2011; Project Scientist 2011-2012
Biocircuits Institute

Diana Yu, PhD, Postdoc 2008
Department of Bioengineering

Korak Sakar, MD, Clinical Fellow 2008
Tulane University

Doctoral (Ph.D.) Students

Bruno Maranhao, Bioengineering (MD/PhD student; 2010-2015)
Nirupama (Pam) Bhattacharya, Bioengineering (2011 to 2014)
Helen Saad, Bioengineering (2008-2013)
Jay Blumling, Bioengineering (2007-2012)
Christopher MacDonald, Bioengineering (2007-2011)
Marius Buibas, Bioengineering (2006-2011)
Krystal Chaio, Neurosciences Graduate Program (MD/PhD student; 2007-2010)
Diana Yu, Bioengineering (2004-2008)
Smita Pathak, Materials Science and Engineering Program (2004-2008)

Masters (M.S.) Students

Vivek George, Bioengineering (2014)
Nirupama (Pam) Bhattacharya, Bioengineering (2010 to 2011)
Kim Nguyen, Bioengineering (2008 to present)
Brian Sprouse, Bioengineering (2008-2010)
Siu Kei Chow, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Christopher MacDonald, Bioengineering (2006-2007)
Nathan Shepard, Bioengineering (2006-2007)
David Kupec, Bioengineering (2006-2007)
Marius Buibas, Bioengineering (2005-2006)
Joanna Zanmiller, Materials Science Program (2004-2005)
Bradley Culp, Bioengineering (2004-2005)
Julie Schallhorn, Bioengineering (2004-2005)
Mai Ho, Bioengineering (2004-2005)

Visiting Scholars

Soon-Jong Kim, PhD
Professor of Chemistry
Mokpo National University, South Korea
Sabbatical, 2009-2010

Su-Yong Eun, MD, PhD
Professor of Physiology
Jeju National University College of Medicine, South Korea
Sabbatical, 2009

Cynthia Overstreet, PhD, 2014-2015
Nanovision Biosciences

Arthur Zhang, PhD, 2014
Nanovision Biosciences

M.D. Clinical Research Rotation Students

Omar Ozgur, University of Vermont (2009)
Christopher Cheng, University of California, Riverside (2008)
Julie E. Nissimov, University of California, Irvine (2007)
Korak Sarkar, University of California, San Diego (2006)
Dustin Hayward, University of California, San Diego (2005)

Ph.D Research Rotation Students

Cameron Evans, University of Western Australia (2010)
Tyler Steed (MD/PhD student), Bioengineering (2010)
Espoir Kyubwa (MD/PhD student), Bioengineering (2010)
Aaron Simon (MD/PhD student), Bioengineering (2009)
Ben Hu (MD/PhD student), Neurosciences Graduate Program (2008)
Alex Hui (MD/PhD student), Neurosciences Graduate Program (2008)
Adam Colhoun, Neurosciences Graduate Program (2007)
Vanessa Lacey, Division of Biological Sciences (2007)
Emily Gunthier, Department of Bioengineering (2007)
Stephan Larson, Computational Neurobiology Program (2006)
Jennifer Park, Department of Bioengineering (2005)
Katherine Amhann, Department of Bioengineering (2005)
Nicolas Wall, Neurosciences Graduate Program (2005)

Undergraduate Students

Kevin Dam, Bioengineering (2016)
Nick Grayson, Electrical and Computer Engineering (2015-2016)
William Coulter, Bioengineering (2015-2016)
Megan Freidlander, Bioengineering (2014-2015)
Elisabeth Rebboah, Bioengineering (2014-2015)
Jos Bsaibes, Bioengineering (2014-present)
Nikhar Abhas, Bioengineering (2014-2015)
Arjun Bhungal, Bioengineering (2013-2015)
Suriel Lee, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China (2014)
Rachel Patron, Chemical Engineering (2014)
Megan Freidlander, Bioengineering (2014)
Joe Bsaibes, Political Sciences Premed (2013)
Arjun Bhungal, Bioengineering (2013)
Melissa Yunting Tang, Bioengineering (2012-2013)
Kevin Chang, Bioengineering (2012-2013)
Hema Sulkar, Bioengineering (2012-2013)
Nithya Kubendran, University of Southern California (2012)
Siu Kit Cheng, Bioengineering (2012)
Neil Gandhi, Bioengineering (2011-2013)
Samantha Reiss, Bioengineering (2011-2013)
Sarika Tandon, Bioengineering (2011-2013)
Amir Bolandpar, Bioengineering (2011)
Phuong Nguyen, Bioengineering (2011-2013)
Charlie Park, Bioengineering (2011)
Tracey Hong, Vanderbilt University (2011)
Tiffany Dai, Molecular Biology (2011)
Kim Macias, Bioengineering (2011)
Cory Steven, Bioengineering (2009 to 2011)
Samir Damle, Bioengineering (2009-2013)
Brian Wong, Departments of Chemistry/Biochemistry and Neuroscience (2007-2011)
Carlos Salcedo, Bioengineering (2010-2011)
Nishant Munugala, Bioengineering (2010-2011)
Audris Fan, Bioengineering (2010)
Diane Yi, Cell Biology (2010-2011)
Paul Hart, Vanderbilt University (2010)
Vikram Chauhan, Bioengineering (2010)
Antonio Pinto-Duarte, Bioengineering (2009)
Glendon MacDuff, Bioengineering (2009)
Nicole Medina, Bioengineering (2009)
Ryan Cloke, Gonzaga University (2009)
Piyush Goyal, Bioengineering (2009)
Kenneth Sugerman, Bioengineering (2009)
Andrew Islip, Bioengineering (2009)
Amir Taat, Bioengineering (2009)
Israel Morales, Bioengineering (2008-2009)
Matthew Adams, Bioengineering (2008)
Saisindhu Narala, Bioengineering (2008)
Venkatakaushik Voleti, Bioengineering (2008-2010)
Carson Fuller, Bioengineering (2008)
Melanie Das, Bioengineering (2008)
Sean Takal, Bioengineering (2008)
Eva Situ, Bioengineering (2008)
Nicolas Floresta, Bioengineering (2008)
Michael Olivera, Bioengineering, University of California, Merced (2008)
Ali Hadian, Bioengineering (2007-2010)
Kim Thanh Nguyen, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Lorenzo Damico, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Chris Ross, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Joshua Wong, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Matthew Li, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Conrad Pascual, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Peng Zhang, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Wilbert Copeland, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Tanya Ed, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Thomas Nunn, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Esmond Ai, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Doug Cohen, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Zak Singer, Bioengineering (2007-2008)
Amul Shah, Bioengineering (2007)
Rosa Tolentino, New Jersey Institute of Technology (2007)
Ian Lee, Bioengineering 2006-2008)
John Miller, Bioengineering (2006-2007)
Mahboubeh Hashemi, Bioengineering (2006-2007)
Andrea Chan, Bioengineering (2005-2006)
Craig Sharp, Bioengineering (2005-2007)
Harry Khanna, Bioengineering (2005-2007)
Mathew Borzage, Bioengineering (2005-2006)
Siu Kei Chow, Bioengineering (2005-2006)
Puneet Gupta, Bioengineering (2005)
Raquel Orozco, University of California, Berkeley (2005)
Albert Kao, Harvard University (2005)
Tabitha Williamson, Biology (2005)
Barry Cordero, Bioengineering (2004-2006)
Yvette Valenzuela, Bioengineering (2004-2005)
Danni Wang, Bioengineering (2004-2005)
Harsimran Sabharwal, Bioengineering (2004-2005)
Elizabeth Cao, Bioengineering (2004)
Jonathan Chiang, Bioengineering (2004)